Sunday, February 25, 2018

 Club Contacts

If you have any questions about the club, whether it be about registration, ice rental or league play, please contact the appropriate person from this list.




Ron Knight

613-867-3982 or


Carolynne Brousseau

613-858-6503 or

Rental Bookings

Bob Van Tongerloo

613-692-2086 or

Ice Technician


Head Technician

Lindsay Allen

613-692-2172 or


Club Reps


OCA Men's Rep

Karl Jensen

613-822-6821 or

OVCA Men's Rep

Bob MacGregor

613-489-2252 or

OCA Youth Rep

Isabelle O'Reilly

613-219-1585 or

OCA/OVCA Ladies Rep



League Contacts


Monday Morning Men's

Scott Brewster

613-692-3837 or

Monday Night Men's

John Falkingham

613-825-3315 or

Tuesday Night Women's

Tessie Jokinen

Karen Bradley

613-614-2541 or

613-222-3786 or

Tuesday & Thursday Daytime Open Mixed

Gary Hall

613-821-7445 or

Tuesday Afternoon Cook n Curl

Richard Shillington

613-692-4069 or

Wednesday Night Open

Merv McBride

613-293-2894 or

Thursday Night Open

Tersh Doe

613-825-7745 or

Friday Scotch Doubles

Roz Kee

613-447-2838 or

Friday Night Mixed

Bryan Dickie

613-266-4178 or

Saturday Night

Ken Sokoll

613-692-9241 or

Sunday Night

Brad O'Reilly 613-866-1585 or

Little Rocks and Bantam

Chris Innes

613-220-7966 or


Michael Coldwell

613-825-0018 or