Support for Competitive Curlers

Guidelines for Club Support for Competitive Curlers


This document provides guidelines on MCC support for teams that represent the Manotick Curling Centre in competition. The goal is to ensure that teams are treated consistently over time within the financial resources of the club and to give teams a relatively firm idea of what they can reasonably expect.

Types of Support

Three kinds of support are available:

  • Financial
  • Club Pins
  • Manotick Curling Centre identification such as badges for jackets or bags


To be eligible for support:

  • A team must be participating in an event sanctioned by the Ontario Curling Association or Curling Canada at the Provincial, National or International level;
  • A team must have registered for the competition under the MCC name;
  • At least 50% of the team must be members of the MCC; and,
  • Any banner awarded must come to the MCC for perpetual display.

If a team includes non-MCC members, the levels of support will be reduced on a pro-rated basis (e.g. a 4-person team that has one non-MCC member, would receive 75% of the full support level).

Levels of Support

The nominal levels of support are established below. For the 2022/23 season the maximum level of support will be $125 per eligible member.


  • For full teams (4 players or more): $500 per team per eligible event
  • For doubles teams (2 players): $250 per team per eligible event
  • For single player events: $125 per team per eligible event

Club Pins

  • For full teams (4 players or more): 50 pins per team per eligible event
  • For doubles teams (2 players): 25 pins per team per eligible event
  • For single player events: 10 pins per eligible event


Identification crests or badges will be provided on a case by case appropriate to the uniform or equipment being used by a team. Teams should identify the type of identification they would like in their request to the Board.


Teams should apply in writing to the Board as soon as possible after they become eligible for support. The request should identify the team members, qualifying competition and level and nature of support being requested.

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