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Payment and Registration Fee Refund Policy

*Updated June, 2024

The refund policy of the Manotick Curling Center is intended to address requests for a refund of registration fees only.  Capital fund fees (as specified at registration, locker fees and other administrative fees) are not refundable. Refund requests from members in good standing, as of the close of registration for the current season, should be submitted to the Vice-President as soon as the member becomes aware that he or she will not be able to participate in curling activities over an extended period during the curling season.


Unforeseen injuries or illness are a fact of life which affect people’s ability to curl. The Manotick Curling Center does not want to profit from the health issues of members. However, the club can only operate if membership dues are reliably available to pay for the ongoing costs of the curling centre.

These refund guidelines apply for league fees. Learn to Curl has its own refund policies.

Refund Committee:

The decision making body for refunds will be the Refund Committee made up of the following board members: Vice-President, Membership and Curling Operations.  This committee will respond to refund requests. This committee will normally use the Guidelines below but are free to depart from them when exceptional circumstances warrant. Their findings may be appealed to the Board of Directors.

Requests for a refund should be sent to the Vice-President.

Responsibility for Payment:

Individuals are responsible for paying their own fees. For youth members fees can be paid by other members (parents) of the family.  We will not accept payments that combine the fees of individuals not all in the same family.

Amount of Refund:

The amount of the refund will cover registration fees only. The amount will be proportional to the 6 month period from October to April normally beginning with the date a request is received until the player can return to play.  


A. The club will refund members in the following situations:

  1. League cancellation – should a league be cancelled before the curling season begins, the member’s preference of a full refund, or enrollment in another available league during the same season, will be honored.
  2. Club shuts after the season begins – the board will endeavor to refund a portion of the member’s fees based on cost savings and the overall financial position of the club.
  3. Season ending injury – defined as an injury that would remove the member from further play for the balance of the season and the playoffs.
  4. Relocation outside of the area due to work.
  5. Health concerns or illness of the member or his/her immediate family for an extended period of time – at least 2 months - during the season.
  6. “Snowbirds” - after January 1 of the curling season 40% of the registration fee – this applies to morning & Saturday Night Leagues only. 
  7. Other reasons deemed valid by the Refund Committee.

B. The Club does not refund fees paid for registration in the following cases:

  1. Expulsion from the club.
  2. Voluntary withdrawal of the member unrelated to any of the situations in section A above.
  3. Requests related to previous curling seasons.
  4. One becomes “too busy” for curling or decides that they “don’t like it”.
  5. Other reasons deemed invalid by the Board of Directors.

Refund requests must be in writing directed to the Vice President, and should be submitted as early in the season as possible. The request should clearly state the reason for the request with sufficient detail to assess against the criteria above. The time period should also be clearly delineated.  All requests will be reviewed and approved by the Refund Committee before any funds are released. The decision of the Refund Committee can be appealed to the Board of Directors.

Late Payment Fees:

Late fees ($25) will be applicable to those who have not paid in full as of Sunday September 15th, 2024.   

MCC Board of Directors - May, 2024



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